Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Delta Star Trading System Review – Trustworthy Binary Option Software?

Delta Star Trading System Review – Trustworthy Binary Option Software?

The Delta Star Trading System is an automated investment trading program that purports to provide real-time investment analysis via trade signals. These trade signals indicate to the user whether to buy or sell certain stocks or commodities in order to make a profit – specifically in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

What Is Delta Star Trading System?

Delta Star is owned by Forex trader Mike Wallace, who claims to have been trading on the Foreign Exchange markets since 1997. Wallace claims to have attended a seminar by an economist known as†Peter Davidson, which helped him to develop an approach to online investment trading that became wildly successful. Then, through the recruitment of a team of programmers and developers, Wallace created the Delta Star software for others to use.

The Product

Delta Star is an automated trade signals service program that retails for $87. Those who purchase the software can expect to receive anywhere from 5 to 30 trade signals a day. The software includes an option to have the program send you these signals directly to your email address if so desired.
Wallace claims that Delta Star can be used for not just the Forex markets but also for binary options, stocks, metals, futures, and more types of trading.

The Opportunity

Delta Star offers an affiliate opportunity above and beyond the Forex trade signals software. The company offers an affiliate program through ClickBank, providing between 50 and 60 percent in commission rates.
As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to promote Delta Star and funnel leads into the wire via your own ClickBank affiliate link in order to earn these commissions on your referred customers.


The best affiliate marketing platforms are those that offer the opportunity to earn commission on proven effective products and services, as companies that provide these products and services tend to flourish in the long term.
However, this may not be the case with Delta Star – and that means any affiliate marketing revenue you gain from promoting the product may be short-lived indeed.
There are any number of trade signal software programs available, and it is easy for sub-standard programs to be lost in the shuffle. Delta Star seems to be one of these programs, and the entire Delta Star Trading System company – up to and including its founder, Mike Wallace – seem to have been created out of thin air.
A cursory examination of the website's registration reveals it to be registered to an individual by the name of John Le. The address given for Mr. Le is fictitious, and the phone number connects to a music store located in Buffalo, New York.
However, a search of the email address associated with the registrant reveals that Mr. Le – if that is indeed his real name – is the registrant of several accounts that purport to sell Forex trade signals software of different types.†These websites feature similar layouts and language as Delta Star, and often incorporate images that are nearly identical.
If this is not evidence enough of chicanery on the part of Delta Star, a quick perusal of the images used as profile pictures for testimonials on the site is also damning. Many images were simply lifted from the internet; some are even profile pictures from LinkedIn with fake names and locations attached to them. Live video testimonials are likely to be paid actors as well, as it is a common practice among con artists and scammers operating online.
This is an obvious red flag for anyone who is interested in finding a legitimate affiliate marketing opportunity. Allying yourself with this Mr. Le and one of his seemingly endless numbers of Forex trade signals software selling sites is likely to be a recipe for disaster, once customers begin to realize that they have been duped into purchasing a run-of-the-mill trade signaling robot that is about as effective as flipping a coin or guessing at random.
Overall, becoming involved in marketing Delta Star seems like a terrible idea.

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